Wednesday, February 17, 2010


A man sojourned into Bikita from Mhondoro. He was from the Mashayamombe clan of the Mhara totem, veMaromo, vasingaite mhezi, vano famba nemuto munyere, vedzete, mbuya chikonamombe chigumbu chineunye.

He met a girl from Gwaza village and married her. This foreign mukuwasha then sired Taruvinga aka Bhuzho, Nhongonhema and Mahanya. He also had 2 daughters then he decided to go back home to prepare a home for this family. The man never came back for his family. Either he perished along the way or his 'other family would not allow him to go back'. The daughters would trek him down and they ended in Musengzi where they got married. These died in a Rutendo bus disaster later on when some of s had been born now.

Taruvinga trekked down to South Africa leaving his other brothers behind. Nhongonhema pregnated somebody's daughter and this was normally taboo so he ran away to join Taruvinga in South Africa, whether they met or not nobody knows. Mahanya was left on his own the Nhongonhema's in-laws tried to have Mahanya take over his brother's girl. he refused but accepted to take the kid. he took the kid who was to be called Kuzakwacho. He had also married and had also a son called Mazango . mazango's mother passsed on and he was given another wife by her parents . The wife was nicknamed VaChirichoga from Mutsvangaras in Mandadzaka, Bikita. He had 3 daughters Mai Vhunzai, Mai Peter and Mai Arifonce, he then had 2 sons Virimayi and Takawira. All in all he now had 4 sons, three of his own and 1 from his brother.

As time went by Mazango moved to work in a Bikita Mine. Mahanya the father meanwhile had hsi own possessions and was self sufficient. The Mugomeris needed food from him so they bethrothed their daughter to him. he did not want a second wife so he asked his son Kuzakwacho if he liked the wife which he gladly accepted so he married the girl from the Mugomeris. She was latter to be nicknamed VaMubhazangi. A family mishap occured resulting in mahanya dying after eating a poisoned baby duck. Kuzakwacho was to take over as head of the family. He thus took into his custody some cattle because then women were not allowed to own cattle or even to have a field. Now being shirikadzi and on her own hence the name VaChirichoga she trekked down to Mandadzaka where he parents negotiated with sabhuku Manjengwa to accomodate the stranded family. meanwhile Kuzakwacho had found a place of his own under Headman Charamba and kept the family cattle to himself.

Long ago fathers normally attached duaghters to each of their sons and Mai peter was attached to Kuzakwacho so whatever came from her marriage would be his and he would use to finish off his own lobola with the Mugomeris. Thats a potential conflict was envisaged as the youngsters were saying the cattle that the father left were theirs as he had already got something from the father, he refused to surrender the cattle, they were later to be paid off by his kids when they felt some misfortunes coming their way was caused by this.

So vachirichoga moved on with her life and her young kids who were to grow up and also get married. Chivade married the first daughter, the second daughter was married to ------ and the third daughter married Karingaringe. Virimayi married Eve from the Ndongwes and Takawira got his from a nearby village kwaNgirandi.

Virimayi would sire Alice the late, Sarafina, Taruvinga ,Benihilda(she passed on at a very early age), Eunice, Isaac Virimayi, Tangwara, James, and Lloyd. Then Chief Jiri and all his subjects had been asked to relocate to Gokwe. My father, his brother and the mother were supposed to relocate also so but remained. The Mudhosi group took over usabhuku from Manjengwa who had relocated with Chief Jiri. Many clashes happened between my father and the Mudhosis mainly because of his self sustaining living. He was comfortable and we lived a decent life then. he moved away to stay MuChivave, but was later to relocate to Gokwe where he had followed Manjengwa on the insistence of his sister who had also relocated to Gokwe with her husband.
Alice was to be married there through a dubious circumstance forced marriage. i did not like this type of marriage, i do not think she was ready for it and she suffered a lot of emotions under the hands of these people. She was to die pregnant after they brought her home with traditional code of conduct I also refused to accept like nobody was to greet her using hands but to just nod, unfortunately in our joy of having separated for quite a number of years ( I remained in Bikita finishing my primary education) we hugged thus breached one of the codes of conduct. I actually asked my father to tell his inlaws to take her back with them because such codes of conduct could not be guaranteed. Unfortunately my word was not taken.

Whilst I was in Bikita Mbuya VaChirichoga died on her way to Gokwe. She had been taken by Mai peter her second born daughter so she would nurse her in Gokwe but it was not to be. Mudhara Virimayi killed his cow to feed mourners. He had left behind his cattle with the Ndongwes. he was then working for Dave Solomon Timbers now DST of PG Timbers.

Again he had to relocate from Chief Jiri's area to follow his brother Mazango who was in Chief Gumunyu's area. because of the war then in which most people working in Harare would be labelled sell-outs we moved into Harare. He had a house in Zengeza then a new surburb in Chitungwiza. i was then at Kutama College doing my secondary education.

After the war the family decided to go back to Bikita ( I was to regret this because we had left a very big field and Sisi Alice's grave in Gokwe) The field we got was near his in-laws and a lot of fights and brickbats were to follow culminating in him being poisoned to death by Raphael Masaina and Kasongo ( he has a proper name) these all being related to his in-laws. I will expalin later how I came to know about who did it.

He left behind his wife Eve Betina and his 7 kids. I had completed my o'levels and trained as a Telecomms Technician with PTC now Telone. I managed to make sure the kids have gone to school and finished their secondary education. I had now married Lydia from the Chinounye Family. I also got my kids Hardlife now Nigel, Yvonne, Linda and years later, very years later, Chelsea Kundiso. I also had a kid outside wedlock called Archiford who is currently staying with his granny in Mtoko. Along the way I was to, due to circumstances which I failed control, marry Concillia Zhakata and sired 2 kids Tinotenda Cheryl and Ryan Tapiwanashe. So all in all I have 7 kids maybe to make the clan grow!!


  1. So you are a Chikonamombe muri hanzvadzi vangu ndiri vamaromo pano

  2. You are my brother am also a Maromo

  3. Thanks for the history.. Classic.I am Chikonamombe.Our great grandfather was born in the Mashayamombe Village in Mhondoro.He relocated to Wedza.This is where we now call home...